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NEW Book: Hiro’s Hats

Story and Illustrations by Elisa Kleven
Publish Date: December 2019

High in the mountains of Japan, a snow monkey named Hiro finds a cheerful hat.

“Snow monkeys don’t need hats!” his brother tells him.

But Hiro’s hat does more than keep him warm – it is also a friend.

Only a robin understands. And when Hiro’s hat disappears, she surprises him, in time, with two more hats, each as playful and full of life as his first.

With intricate collage artwork and lyrical prose, Elisa Kleven tells a story as cozy as a warm hat on a cold winter day, and as fresh as spring.

Gently whimsical…Mixed-media collage illustrations show sweet-faced monkeys at play in richly textural landscapes. Through Hiro, Kleven sympathetically illustrates young children’s ability to find emotional connections to inanimate objects, and the creative ways they can respond to stress.” — Publishers Weekly


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